How to Tell If My Speaker System Is Fried

by Paolo Ramirez

How to Tell If My Speaker System Is Fried

Nothing beats the quality experience of watching a movie surrounded by crisp sounds and vibrant images. Nowadays, you can only design this media paradise with the help of a home theater and a premium speaker system. However, even top-quality sound equipment can suffer damage due to constant use or improper care. If you’re the owner of a speaker system that’s experiencing problems, it might be time to contact a product provider to get a new one, and potentially upgrade to a Kef home theater speaker system.

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Tell-tale Signs of a Blown Speaker System


Some songs are meant to make your speakers produce strange, enjoyable sounds. Yet, static and fuzzing noises at an average volume are never a good sign. Your speakers have a flexible cone that produces sound waves by vibrating rapidly and moving air. This component is fragile, as it can be made of paper, plastic, or metal. Therefore, high-pitched sounds, strong beats, or an accidental blow to your equipment can cause permanent damage and alter the sound.

The cone of your speaker also connects to a voice coil, an electromagnet that helps emit clean sound waves. Such tiny parts can also get loose or break easily and be responsible for distortion from your set-up.

No Sound

If your home theater system has gone silent when you try to play a song or movie, you’re facing another common problem speaker owners have. Often our devices are muted, causing a momentary panic that turns into a funny story. However, after you switch the mute button off to no avail, it might mean the cables connecting your speakers and home theater are either broken or disconnected.

Sometimes, the speaker isn’t to blame, as the sound problem lies in the a/v receiver. This device receives signals from your speaker system and amplifies the sounds to make for more defined and clear noises.

Rattling or Popping Sounds

When popping or rattling sounds are coming from your speakers, but you aren’t watching a war or action movie, something’s wrong with your speaker system. Tweeters are one of the many drivers inside your speaker, producing sounds within the highest frequency range. Even if this component can handle high-pitched sounds to a T, it might find its match in low hertz, which can fry this part and alter the sound. It’s often best to replace your speaker system if you hear sizzling or hissing.

No Cone Vibration

Finally, if you place your hand over your speaker system but don’t feel any vibrations, you should look at the power your device is receiving. For your cone to produce sound waves properly, it has to move at a rapid speed, so not getting enough energy to do so can stop the vibrations and cause sound problems. Check the power source and wires to get your speaker up and running again.

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Are You Looking for a Kef Home Theater Speaker System?

Common issues like distortion, rattling, no sound, and a lack of vibration indicate it might be time to upgrade your home theater speaker system. At Ultimate Sound and Vision, we distribute and install the best Kef products so that you can get the best media experience possible. Call us today for a free consultation!

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