• TVs
  • Satellite or Cable TV
  • Video with HDMI distribution
  • Home theater with surround sound
  • Whole house audio
  • VoIP phones
  • Computer networks with WiFi
  • Automation control devices
  • Alarm systems
  • Smart household appliances with WiFi

If your home is like most, you have multiple internet-connected devices. Perhaps you enjoy streaming a movie while relaxing at your pool, or listening to music from Internet radio or podcast services as you make dinner. Or maybe you’re online working from your home office. No matter your activity, you want to be sure the connection is fast, reliable and secure.

Ultimate Sound and Vision knows the importance of a strong network. Not only should everything be connected to the internet, but some devices must also be able to communicate with each other. Poor wireless coverage, latency (slow movement of data) and dropped signals are frustrating and unnecessary.

Whether you have a small, one-story home or a sprawling estate with vast indoor and outdoor living space, our team can design a custom network solution for you. We’ll select and install the right equipment to handle the demands of your electronics. You’ll get maximum network performance and reliability.

Powerful Networking Solutions

We design robust networks for scalability, able to grow as you change and add more electronics. Security is also a priority to protect the integrity of your personal data and ensure uninterrupted network access.

If you’re building a new home, we’ll pre-wire every room to give you the strongest, fastest connection regardless of where you are in the house. In an existing structure, we can explore wireless solutions and determine the best way to integrate all your devices.

Our networking products are powerful, cost effective and easy to deploy. No matter your situation, we’ll create an infrastructure that will support today’s electronics and tomorrow’s technology.

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If you need assistance in setting up your network or wiring for your electronics, we can help. Let one of our consultants visit you at your home and make recommendations to fit your needs.

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