• Enhances home appearance
  • Makes your outdoor space more functional
  • Creates the ambiance you want
  • Increases security
  • Adds value to your home

Durable for Maintenance-Free Performance

Once you invest in outdoor lighting, you want to be sure it’s going to last. Ultimate Sound & Vision sells only those outdoor fixtures that provide maintenance-free performance for years. Most of our lighting instruments are made of brass to prevent corrosion. They’re durable, functional and forever serviceable.

We use marine-grade tinned wire to defy the elements. It provides superior electrical dependability even in hot, humid environments like south Florida. Our light fixtures are also designed to dispel dirt, water and debris. They’ll stay as bright as the day they’re installed.

Get a Free Consultation
Are you interested in exploring outdoor lighting for your yard or garden? Let one of our lighting consultants visit you at your home and make recommendations to fit your needs.

Now you can turn your yard into a true extension of your home, one that you can enjoy day or night. Ultimate Sound & Vision in Miami, Florida offers sophisticated lighting instruments that are attractive and durable, able to function outdoors in the weather for years without problem.

Whether you live in Florida, the Caribbean, or overseas, it’s time to take advantage of all your usable space. Go beyond that one little porch light and transform your lawn and garden into the perfect place to hang out even after dark.

Bring Personality to Your Yard

With today’s wide range of lighting options, you can create any ambiance you’d like. Bring Zen-like qualities to the garden or add a soft, romantic look to a seating area.

Point a spotlight at a fountain, tree or sculpture. Use low-profile lights to illuminate a pathway or steps. Or create drama with an eye-catching fixture above a dining area.

If your home is on the water – whether in Miami, Florida, up north, the Caribbean or overseas – consider a soft-glow underwater light. It will make your dock or pier more beautiful and safe. The right light will even attract fish, creating an underwater marine-life haven right beneath your feet!

Wide Variety of Fixtures and Finishes

The options for outside lighting are almost as plentiful as for indoors. At Ultimate Sound & Vision, we offer many stock light fixtures from simple to ornate. We also do custom fixture design and installation.

Most of our fixtures come in a variety of configurations and finishes to match the architectural style of your home. They can be used with efficient, long-lasting LED lamps or conventional incandescent lamps if you prefer. Extension risers, flush mounts, tree mounts and many other accessories are available, offering opportunities for even more personalization of your outdoor living space.

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