Would you like to reduce your energy costs if it didn’t affect the comfort of your home? Now you can! Ultimate Sound & Vision of Miami, Florida can automate your HVAC system, greatly improving its efficiency.

We replace your standard thermostats with smart thermostats that take climate control to a new level. They’re programmable to your daily schedule. And they also detect occupancy and activity, adjusting the temperature when no one is home and also when you go to sleep.

An automated HVAC system can monitor temperatures in every room and direct conditioned air to high-priority areas. No more paying to heat and cool empty rooms or running your entire HVAC system for extended periods to achieve comfort levels in specific rooms.

Advances in technology have made HVAC system automation surprisingly affordable. In fact, the system often pays for itself with reduced energy costs. It’s also an important part of green home functioning.

HVAC automation can be implemented as a stand-alone system or as part of a comprehensive, whole-house automation system. In most cases, it doesn’t require any changes to the duct system. All components have wireless options so running additional power or wires usually isn’t necessary.

Programming the system is easy with intuitive LCD touch screens. You can even adjust the thermostat remotely by smart phone or the internet.

Learn how much you can save on your monthly energy bill by automating your HVAC system. Contact us today for a free, no pressure appointment in your home.

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