• Burglar alarm
  • CCTV video surveillance
  • Automatically lock windows, doors, gates
  • Security lighting, automated and motion detection
  • Fire protection including heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detection

Your home security system will be professionally installed. With today’s wireless technology, most installations can be done in a few hours with no drilling to your home.

Security systems don’t have to be complex or cost a fortune. We offer practical, affordable solutions that will provide your family with the safety it deserves.

Every family and every home are different, so your security system should be unique too. Whereas most national security companies offer you a choice of pre-determined packages that can have you paying for features you don’t need, we customize our security systems.

Ultimate Sound & Vision in Miami, FL begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify any areas of vulnerability. We then consider your security objectives as well as your lifestyle. Finally, we’ll propose a system that’s specifically designed for you.

We choose only top-of-the-line equipment and technology. Your security system will be expandable, so that as new products become available or as your needs change, your system can be modified.

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